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Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder (Gariep Kunstefees)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

First up is Jarryd Kin’s crazy illustration work for Spring Eezy hosted by Hotbox, Ben Rausch sticking to animals as he gets ready for Bliksem! at Arcade Empire, Niall Bingham does great work for the Gil Hockman’s album launch, Michael Dos Ramos in support of Isochronous touring Durban with their album launch and lastly Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder, awesome.

Andrew Ringrose for Discotheque (The Assembly)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

It’s great to see new work by Andrew Ringrose again, and of coarse Marchand, Doktrine and Stathi Kougianos won’t disappoint. Posters featuring Sibot, aKing, Nymfo, Cortina Whiplash, The Black Hotels, SFR and Liver.

Jarryd Kin for Shuffleshame (Town Hall)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

Another week, another set of posters. Shuffleshame, Fire Through the Window and The La Els to name a few bands, and work done by Jarryd Kin, Hruki, Adam Klein, Eaton Crous and Stathi Kougianos.