Generously supported by the Department of Arts and Culture, the Market Photo Workshop will be exhibiting a special project at the 2011 FNB Joburg Art Fair. The exhibition will showcase current students as well as recently graduated alumni. About the featured photographers Akona Kenqu was born in... A little something for you photographers out there.. The Tierney Fellowship at the Market Photo Workshop is a one year mentorship based grant for a photographer to produce an accomplished body of work. The Tierney Fellowship was created in 2003 and is an international fellowship that supports photographers from institutions around the world. The fellowship affords the student financial, institutional, peer and mentor based support to produce a body of work in a year. Located in Newtown, Johannesburg, the Market Photo Workshop strives to create an environment where students learn, not only the technical and conceptual aspects of photography, but also ways of critical thinking integral to the understanding of contemporary photographic practice. Equipping students with an extensive insight of the role photography plays socially, politically and in the wider cultural community, the Market Photo Workshop provides students with the vital tools needed to negotiate the urban terrain that is present-day Johannesburg.
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