This is the latest micro campaign produced for YDE by Urbian (follow them on twitter http://twitter.com/urbian/). The campaign is centered around 2 people, Adam & Eve. It consists of 2 channels, Microsite and mailers. And the competition element involves you telling 2 friends. Urbian had 2 weeks to produce the campaign elements. The campaign spans a 2 week period. More images after the jump.
1013511245234168 We recently discovered this micro-site from Gloo that allows you to customise and save a pdf template of a paper toy. There's a male and female toy each with a 'business' and 'casual' side that you can change the features of. The die for the toys was obviously inspired by the awesome readymech style paper toys. Loads more cool images when you click through.
T.I.T.E.S. brings the cutting edge of themed Electro Punk to a crowd that has been starved of a good dance for far too long. These bi-monthly parties reinvent the rave, incorporating elements of electronic music and video art hosted in eclectic spaces. Presented by HAEZER producer and DJ, these T.I.T.E.S. events make the electro scene more accessible, focusing on only the highest caliber of electro DJ's, to the likes of HAEZER, DJ Lapse, Phil Kramer (Battle beyond the Stars), Alex, The Sound, Codec and Birdlife DJ's. Artdirected and designed by Hanno van Zyl and Arno Krüger with development done by Shapeshift Interactive - the T.I.T.E.S look and feel was created by visually mixing electro with punk. When development started on the web interface, the focus was on creating a simple accessible interface which would instantly communicate a look that would be connected to electronic music, using pixilated bitmaps and referencing outdated computer interfaces. By animating various glitch and distortion filters or just "mashing it up" the punk look was added. In using an XML database with Flash, it is now possible to dynamically update the allready compiled flash file with new mp3's, photos and video content as T.I.T.E.S continue. The result adds to the idea of no holds barred electro, which fragments, unifies and collages multiple genres of music into an stupefyingly monumental dance experience. The second edition of  T.I.T.E.S is to be held at Assembly, Cape Town the 27th of february so book your tickets before it gets sold out.
[image title="Home Page" size="full" id="908" align="center" ] I found this gem last night just before I was going to leave the office, two hours later and I was still busy navigating around the site and playing the minigames. Toyota must have spent quite a bit of money on this project but my, it was worth it. While the visuals and design is not always top notch, the concept and sheer size of this thing makes it worth a look (if you have 2 or 3 hours to spare...). You start of by signing up to receive Hilux Country Citizenship. Once you have your passport the aim is to get your passport stamped by the various authorities to finally make it to full citizenship (and stand in chance to win a Toyota Hilux). There are 5 different Government Departments that you need stamps from and each of these gives you a different challenge. Inside the site there is also various other questions and clues that will give you extra points towards citizenship. This includes a Facebook parody called Toughbook, and various usage of outside sites and fake blogs to find clues and details to help you in your quest to become a Hilux Country citizen. The big question I have here is who'dunnit? I have my suspicions on who the agency was but can you confirm? Let's see if we can solve this one! More images available when you click here.
[image title="What on Earth" size="full" id="738" align="center" alt="What on Earth" linkto="viewer" ] I was browsing around some of my favourite sites and came across this gem, Savanna What On Earth. 5FM and Savanna have come together to run a competition where users can win R 25 000 each day. A extremely nicely designed flash site using Papervision. Papervision is something that hasn't yet been high on the uptake in South African agencies, so it's great to see a site using the technology available to add that extra bit of bling to a site that in essence is nothing more then a small competition microsite. The big question here is who'dunnit? I have asked around my agency connections and have a fair idea of the production company that created this but can you confirm my suspicions? Any ideas? Click more to see the gallery. UPDATE: Props to Hellocomputer for the design of the site. Thanks to all for the internet sleuthing and solving this Who'dunnit!

Between the 30th October and the 9th November Johannesburg is hosting JIMS (Johannesburg International Motor Show). GMSA will have a stand at the show – showing a range of GM vehicles as well as 9 concept and exotic cars. GMSA asked Stonewall to design a...

AquaOnline recently completed the microsite for the Mini John Cooper works brand. In order to attract more male drivers to the brand and promote the campaign concept of Fast Love, AquaOnline adopted the concept of a MINI-sponsored speed dating event. Take a look through the site and play around a bit. It's very entertaining. Attached below is the press release as well as some more screenshots from the microsite.
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