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Colwyn Thomas for Gary Thomas (The Waiting Room)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

We have a new Discotheque poster by Andrew Ringrose, Colwyn Thomas made this beautiful drawing for his brother Gary Thomas, TwoShoes Design once again takes on the Fiddle East poster and Doktrine for the weekly Forget About Fridays party

Simon Berndt for Death or Glory (The Assembly)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

Get ready to get some ink this weekend with the Cape Town International Tattoo Convention which, like the previous years, won’t disappoint. Simon Berndt is featured twice today with his Death or Glory and Hold fast posters, staying with bold fonts, loads of red and black and a very Soviet feel…

Mike Tymbios for The Great Apes (Mercury Live)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

We really hate having to leave out so much work on this post but the good news is that the rest of the posters are on our poster blog on Wednesday. For now we have posters for Desmond and the Tutus, The Great Apes, Versus the Wolf…