“Back to the City” Street Festival in Newtown Back to the City is a street festival featuring the finest Hip Hop talent in Mzansi on Freedom day 2011. The festival held in Johannesburg celebrates hip-hop and youth culture through an afternoon/evening of live performances, street art and exhibitions with the aim of bringing kids back to the city. Featuring artists representing the pinnacle of artistic expression from South Africa this unique youth event will mark the first of its kind and set the wheels in motion for an ongoing discourse and fellowship amongst the artists, organizers, contributors and audiences involved. Activities will include a Mini Educational Summit, live performances, skateboarding, BMXing, live graffiti art, merchandising and exhibitions.
coca cola man A huuuuge Coca-Cola man/robot/structure has been built in Newtown's fan park in Joburg. He has been assembled from 3000 standard Coke bottle crates like giant blocks of lego! Have a look at some more pics after the jump. via cherryflava
Between 10 and 5