[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPqTwpseduU[/youtube] Yeah so we're a bit late on this one - the agency TRIGGER has already spread the news wide and far for the KRONK/NIKE campaign. The essence of the campaign is to Bleed Your Colours - we see the country literally bleeding its colours together with...

Khune wears Nike Sportsrange by Kronk A short while ago we featured the Nike Kronk range - a range of Nike sportswear that was done in collaboration with Kronk, who we believe to be one of South Africa's best illustrators. Check out some pics from the range in the gallery and click through for the full post. Check out The Nike Fanpage for more info as well.
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS1exujG3cY&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Nike recently has some cool new fabrics out - specifically the new polo shirt. To launch the NIKE GRAND SLAM POLO, Nike employed the help from some of their most important resources, their athletes.  Together with legendary UK photographer Rankin, Nike shot key athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Joe Cole and Patrice Evra.    All tournament ready, these athletes, filled with national pride, told us how they will “Bleed Their Colours” this season.  Check out the behind the scenes video from the shoot below. If you're feeling it, remember to Follow the NIKE fanpage.
Nike Cape Burg Launch event Yeah so we're a bit slow on this one, seeing as the event happened a good couple of weeks ago, but it's still worth punting it out there. We headed off the the Nike Cape/Burg launch on rainy night, checked out some of the art and clothes and listened to some really good music. The Nike Cape/Burg initiative is a collaboration between Nike and a number of local artists and creatives - taking the concept of running through the city and portraying it in their own specific way. All the work is published into a single, large format booklet. We Are Awesome was also there to take a couple of photos. Read the rest of the bits down below:
In 1987 when Tinker Hatfield famously cut a hole in the side of the Air Max 1 exposing Nike Air, he wasn’t to know that this small act would cause a global revolution. An icon of innovation, the Air Max 1 is the hardest working running shoe ever, having logged more miles than Alberto Salazaar and Mary-Decker-Slaney combined. Other shoes get a little intimidated because this shoe is a big deal. It craves pavements, cement and asphalt and will not be stopped. 30 years later, the Air Max 1 spirit lives on, as Nike re-crafts this iconic shoe in the form of the Air Maxim 1, taking a classic shoe and applying new technologies to create a revolution all over again. Join our ten South African Revolutionaries as they carry the spirit of the Air Max 1 forward in their work and their life, and the lead the charge into Cape/Burg.
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