zebra - Quasiem Gamiet If you were wondering where all the zebras came from, we've got the scoop. The World for All Foundation recently recruited 33 Cape Town artists to design and execute an artwork on 33 life-sized zebras as part of their Not All Is Black And White initiative. The finished artworks are scattered around the city and we went on a mission to see how many we could find. Each unique, conceptual artwork was inspired by a quote from Nelson Mandela. We caught up with local artist Quasiem Gamiet and asked him to tell us about his zebra (pictured above). The quote that i chose was: "Extremists on all sides thrive, fed by the blood lust of centuries gone by." My concept is real simple, I left the head black and white and painted the rest of the stripes as flames, because “whether you are black or white, if you have hatred/anger you will be engulfed in flames unless you try and make a difference yourself”. Unfortunately most of the zebras have lost their tags in the rough Cape Town winter so the names of the artists are missing. Please send us names of artists in the comment section if you know anyone who was involved. They deserve a mention! Click through to see more zebras.
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