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Latest Creative News

We've had the opportunity to showcase some really great print advertising this year. These are our Best of 2012....

This campaign by Bester Burke Slingers Cape Town launches an initiative involving the collaboration between Miles for Smiles (Operation Smile) and The Ceres Beverage Company (Liqui-Fruit)....

Anton Crone - Operation Smile

Anton Crone is a professional freelance photographer who has a particular interest in Africa, which is clearly highlighted in the type of portfolio work he does, and the 'about' section in his blog: Bright Continent "This continent is very dark indeed if one relies on the horror stories from people who have traveled here; news bulletins; findings from when-wes and the findings of research groups" - This surmises the type of genre for which Anton stands, his photographic missions throughout Africa seek to show not only the sharp reality of what is out there, but more importantly what is being done to aid the situation.
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