Captain Morgan Microsite digital campaign Oscar Tango and Pixel Project have developed this interesting competition based website for Captain Morgan - The Legendary Mates Weekend. The reason I say it is interesting is because of the segmentation journey that the brand takes you on towards entering the competition, ultimately, gaining a deeper understanding of Captain Morgans consumer’s. Oscar Tango is in the data business, managing multiple brands CRM programmes through their digital division Delta Bravo, and this is their latest step towards the much-talked about merger between CRM, Online and Social Media. The website takes the consumer through a journey into the ultimate mans garage, allowing you to pick and choose the toys you would like to take away with you for your ultimate Mates weekend, and in the end, defining your potential prize. The well-executed website and cleverly written copy makes the journey a bit of a laugh, and makes the process of entering entertaining and fun, while instilling all the Manly values that Captain Morgan salutes. Check out the site, or below for more screengrabs.
Between 10 and 5