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Franco Fernandes for Like Knives, Bateleur (Purple Turtle)

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Today we are looking the work of Stathi Kougianos and his break dancing dinosaur for P.H.Fat playing in Durban, Franco Fernandes paints another awesome flyer (if you can call it that) for an epic party at Purple Turtle…

Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder (Gariep Kunstefees)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

First up is Jarryd Kin’s crazy illustration work for Spring Eezy hosted by Hotbox, Ben Rausch sticking to animals as he gets ready for Bliksem! at Arcade Empire, Niall Bingham does great work for the Gil Hockman’s album launch, Michael Dos Ramos in support of Isochronous touring Durban with their album launch and lastly Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder, awesome.

Louis Minnaar for Bittereinder

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

We hope you had a great time at RAMfest CT, and Durban and Joburg should get ready for one great party. Those of you that missed Bittereinder on Sunday really missed out, but you have another chance on Wednesday and use it! As usual, make sure to check out the other parties […]