Mariet Vosloo embroidery 1 Poncho is the label that Mariet Vosloo works under when she makes her charming embroidery pieces. Her work can be seen on the Poncho blog Kittens with Mittens, here. Mariet graduated from the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography in 2004 but it was at home that she got her embroidery training, "I got my love for embroidery and all things handmade from my mother and grandmother who had me knitting before I could read. Hand embroidery is my first love and I mostly make one of a kind embroidered brooches where I try to create something that is unique and special in each piece of work. I'm also a fan of reclaimed fabric and have snipped away at many an old thing in our home, so much so that my boyfriend sometimes wants to hide my scissors!" Some of Mariet's work can be found at MeMeMe in Long Street Cape Town under the Poncho label or you can view her work on Kittens with Mittens and email her for an order. She is also happy to do custom orders. Contact Mariet at 
Between 10 and 5