Between 10 and 5 Flickr group In case you haven't known about it, there is a Between 10 and 5 group on Flickr where you can either upload some of your creative work to, or go to check out some of the work uploaded from other illustrators, designers and photographers. We've collected some of the latest uploads that you can catch after the jump. Some pretty slick stuff if you ask me!
GSDH recently completed the portfolio website of an internationally acclaimed French photographer Ugo Richard. The site was completed by Ernst Lass and went on to win an award at the German Multimedia Awards for GSDH. The site is very minimalist, and it is a great way to get to the primary content - the showcase pieces and great photography work. More images after the link.

The Bookmarks Awards

As most might know the first annual Bookmarks awards took place last week. While some drama revolved around the event, overall I think it was a step in the right direction. The Bookmarks is exactly what we at 10 and 5 want, another medium to see the quality of work out there. To see what other digital companies in South Africa are currently doing and who is pushing the boundaries of what has been done thus far. Congrats to all involved! We would also like to know your thoughts on this Awards Ceremony and if you think it has a future. Click here to listen to what Adrian Hewlett, chairman of the Online Publishers Association (OPA) has to say about it. Click more to see a list of winners:
Between 10 and 5