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This poster / print ad was created by Ogilvy Cape Town to celebrate Volkswagen’s momentous victory in this year’s Dakar Rally. The ad highlights the harsh conditions experienced during the race, and how Team Touareg prevailed, in spite of the torturous environment and competitors. The...

The Assembly, situated at 61 Harrington Street District Six in Cape Town, is a relaxed vibey venue featuring all the upcoming and well known bands and music in the industry. They do stuff different from the norm, a bit of creativity to everything. Every month a different artist takes the time to design a flyer for the upcoming events and Assembly. Take a peek at some of the previous designs right here. They also offer other special features such as The Assembly birthday gift which invites you and 5 friends in for free at certain events on the day of your birthday. Please read the Terms and conditions on their website and check out some of the upcoming events :

[image title="29012009448" size="large" id="958" align="center" ] We spotted this 2-way mirror ad in the bathrooms at Wembley Square. It's a large printed advertisement that's been mirror printed, so that when you stand in front of the the mirror it shows up behind you. The ad shows you...

[image title="boschgnomehead" size="full" id="666" align="center" linkto="viewer"] After studying Psychology, Media & Writing and Marketing at UCT, Natalie Rose decided to finish her studies at AAA and become a copywriter as this has always been her passion - she loves thinking laterally. More of her work is at her own site. Clicking through to this post will give you a description of all the pieces.
Nuha Hendricks is a student illustrator at CPUT. She describes herself, or style of work:
Realistic drawing has always been a pain, which has been the greatest moment that could have happened .. Because this lead to doodling while thinking about the concept of the week or having a designers block (don't we just dread that moment)... through that I would find the most amazing images, that inspires the way I design and amazingly I would figure out the solution to that designers block."
The above piece of work is:
Image of hands with the green background " Arbour Day" : Woodcut print, 3 colours (black, light and dark green). Hands representing people giving a helping hand to help the environment and they represent trees.
[gallery] You can read more of Nuha describing her work after the jump...
[caption id="attachment_336" align="aligncenter" width="340" caption="Flyer design"]Flyer design[/caption] Jackal and Wolf is an ongoing project for designer Rouleaux van der Merwe where he is the art director. Jackal and Wolf are 100% independant. All of their music is given away for free - you can rock up at one of the burnstations that they've setup throughout the country and burn yourself a copy of their music. All printed material is always printed on 100% recycled paper. In this 10and5 post we show the CD cover insert as well as poster and flyer designs. They also have t-shirts, which are also featured below. Their myspace Rouleaux has a personal that you can view here.

[caption id="attachment_331" align="aligncenter" width="427" caption="Zinkplaat Baksteen"][/caption] Janneman is a freelance illustrator and general creative person located in Stellenbosch. He's done some amazing work for the Avontoer, a rock tour around South Africa sponsored by MK, some great works for the band ZInkplaat and CD covers for...

Ami Collective poster design for BC one
In this set we feature a couple of designs done by AmiCollective - a design collective based in Kloof Street, Cape Town. They've gone for a strongly illustrated design approach for the Red Bull creatives and a more "Cut and Paste" look with the Orange designs. I've had a look at the video promo they did for Red Bull and it was very cool. The clients are Red Bull BC One - the breakdance competition and Orange - the UK telephony operator.
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