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Long Street You're invited by Ogilvy and Write on Africa to 'come watch an arty movie, with arty people at an arty venue' to raise funds for the Percy Bartley House Rejuvenation. The movie is entitled "Long Street" and is by filmmaker, Revel Fox. It's set in Cape Town (in case you didn't get that from the title) and stars the well-known South African director’s wife, Roberta Fox, his daughter, Sannie Fox, from the band, Machineri and Busi Mhlongo.

[youtube][/youtube] This is machineri's second official music video, directed and shot by acclaimed South African director Revel Fox. Though produced on minimal budget, the raw quality combined with sharp editing by Robin Kress makes for the perfect vehicle for the band's grimy sound. Sannie Fox (vocals) and...

Between 10 and 5