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The Out In Africa 'Gay and Lesbian Film Festival' (oia) is a yearly event which started in '94  to celebrate the inclusion, in the South Africa Constitution, of the clause prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Along with this spectacular event, comes...

Room 13 Design won the pitch for the Corporate ID/ brochure/ signage design for the new Grand Daddy Hotel - part of the Daddy Long Legs group. In 2006 and 2007, Spier’s Annual Reports amounted to over 90 sheets of paper per report, per year. Despite being printed on doubled-sided A4 pages, the 1000 reports printed amounted to 90 000 printed sheets of paper per year; a demand on the environment that greatly troubled the eco-sensitive company. Spier challenged Room 13 to find a way to present an online version of the report that was still accessible and informative.The technical creation of the Annual Report was done by Hellocomputer who took a Bronze for their work at the recent 2008 Loerie Awards. The online version is available here, or download the full PDF here. Click through for more.
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