Great new first-of-its-kind campaign by 2.0 Media for Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town. The campaign is created for Brandhouse. Designed as a mock TV show, each of the five two-minute minisodes represent a humorous spoof on the contemporary cooking-show genre of which Keith Floyd and Jamie Oliver are most famous. The show takes viewers on a visual tour across Scotland’s famous Speyside district with invented “celebrity-chef and whiskey connoisseur” Bruce Campbell. Traveling from distillery to distillery in his clapped-out camper-van, Campbell, makes laughable attempts to replicate iconic whiskeys, which include Johnny Walker Black Label, Johnny Walker Red Label, Bells Whiskey, J&B Rare, and The Singleton Whiskey, using his home-made methods. Scotland from Home also extends on a blog, Facebook and Twitter. Blog site created by HelloComputer. Click more below to see the rest of the episodes!
Between 10 and 5