Pantsula -vs- Puppets was directed by Sean Metelerkamp for DIESEL + EDUN, in celebration of their new denim collection - born in Africa and worn by a new generation of creative talents....

This series is the latest from Sean Metelerkamp but also includes some of the first photos he shot. Future Face took over five years, on and off, to complete being photographed in 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012 at Monte Rosa old age home in Cape...

Fuhrer Tees 1 Fuhrer's graphic tees are designed by Sean Metelerkamp, Jason De Villiers and Shaun Gardner. You'll soon be able to find them at a store. Here's a rationale from the brand: ‘Fuhrer makes Tees, they are quality, from the fabric to the printing. Fuhrer Tee design concepts are quite abrasive yet thought provoking, the style is reminiscent of graphic novels.  Fuhrer is in no way is an advocate for nationalist socialism, as the name is used ironically to make one question the power of authority.’ More designs after the jump. via we-are-awesome blog.
Die Antwoord Photography by Sean Metelerkamp Since Die Antwoord has been blowing up, we thought it would be a good idea to get "behind the scene" - as we like to do on 10and5. We first featured Sean Metelerkamp's work with his first Die Antwoord shoot, and in that first mini-interview he told us how he believes that they will blow up all over the interwebs. Step aside Nostradamus. Sean is also the person responsible for shooting the wildly successful Zef Side video, which has been instrumental in Die Antwoord's rise to internet fame. It's difficult to not argue that Sean might most possibly be the most watched South African director on Youtube at this stage. As of writing, the two Zef Side videos have a combined viewership of over 1.2 Million views, which has been unheard of for any original South African music video, let alone video. We had to ask the man some questions:
0211 We've got some great pics by the brilliant photographer Sean Metelerkamp. You might have seen some of Sean's work if you've seen the shoots from the Punkskelm crew, most notibly Fokofpolisiekar and aKing, but also some stuff for Sweat.X. Sean said this about the shoot:
Main dude is Ninja and his girl Yo-landi Visser. They make zef rap rave tunes. He kept saying ‘they is going worldwide’ and ‘Die fokken Antwoord are gonna blow’. I just took the pictures. He brought some friends along. Ninja is like a commander. He knows what he wants and has a clear vision. Was good to work with. Told me that soon they will be having the biggest rap rave jol in the world. Something about a pyramid of light. I don’t know. He believes that with my photos and their songs, using the ‘interweb’, they are ‘gonna go worldwide’ and become ‘super famous.’ I believe it. I will work with them again.
Check out more of the shoot from Die Antwoord after the jump.
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