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Simon Berndt for Death or Glory (The Assembly)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

Get ready to get some ink this weekend with the Cape Town International Tattoo Convention which, like the previous years, won’t disappoint. Simon Berndt is featured twice today with his Death or Glory and Hold fast posters, staying with bold fonts, loads of red and black and a very Soviet feel…

Christopher Bisset for Bateleur (Zula Bar)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

It feels unreal, but we have been compiling these Poster Picks for 10and5 for just under a year, forty eight posts to be exact. The posters we see daily can easily rival some of our favourite international poster designers’ work…

Andrew Ringrose for Discotheque (The Assembly)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

It’s great to see new work by Andrew Ringrose again, and of coarse Marchand, Doktrine and Stathi Kougianos won’t disappoint. Posters featuring Sibot, aKing, Nymfo, Cortina Whiplash, The Black Hotels, SFR and Liver.