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Greeting cards with a difference. Greeting cards by Growing Paper Growing Paper produces handmade cards with a twist: the paper used for the greeting cards is embedded with flower seeds. So, you can plant your card in a sunny spot, water it and watch your written words come to life. The handmade paper is made from waste paper that’s been re-processed. Since the paper-making process uses large amounts of water, Growing Paper reuses their waste water for farming activities on the Swartland farm where they're situated.
Gooey is a South African illustration portal to create Japanese styled anime drawings for small children and the tween market. Check out the portfolio site here. More images below the fold.
South African Creative Twitter lists Since Twitter brought out their Twitter Lists a short while back, we thought it apt to start using those lists and offering some sort of value to users. So... We're bringing you the Between 10 and 5 Twitter List Collection. These lists serve as a growing catalogue of people in a specific field. It's an easy way to follow a certain industry, and the nice thing is that it's curated. So you don't need to go through the hassle of finding new people all the time. We do that for you! We've got a collection of lists from Fashion, Art Directors, Websites, Copywriters, Illustrators, Photographers, ad agency's and more. We're also expanding them every day, so some categories might have very few people, but they'll grow as we go along. Check out the lists on Twitter, or click through this post to view them on the site. If you want to be added to a list or you think we're missing someone, simply Tweet a message to us with the list as a hashtag and we'll add you likkety split! If there is a new list that you think we should add, simply send us a tweet.
Vintage ads are some our favourites. Take a look at this great ad from the past featuring Jan Spies in a TV Commercial for Cremora. Pure plaas! Thanks Helette!
The digital arm from Saatchi and Saatchi, AtPlay, has been the first agency in South Africa to implement the much hyped up, but very cool, new technology called Augmented Reality. AtPlay produced a work where you would get a flyer, show the flyer in front of a Mac at the Apple store (they made a deal together), which would then show how Wordsworth books "Come to life." We think it's a great campaign and it's fantastic that AtPlay has taken the lead with the technology, being the first to use this tech. If you don't know too much about augmented reality, click through for a little more.
Seeing as it's election time, we've done the rounds and went to find all the political party posters we possibly could. We realise we might have missed a few, and there were also a couple of other ones that popped up after we'd taken the pics. Some of our highlights were the Universal Party poster, as well as the NP - what the hell happened there? Either way, take a look below and drop us your comments (please note that this post is about design and not politics - any comments deviating from this topic will be deleted.) If you've found a poster that isn't up here, please take a photo and send it in to us at
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