While they started out as a crowd-sourcing platform for T-shirt design and subsequent online shop for designer tees, Springleap has grown and evolved significantly over the years....

Choice by Murray Fraser

We've shown you the work of Cape Town artist Murray Fraser before, over here. Lately he has been experimenting with charcoal, attending figure drawing classes and has entered an illustration into the latest Springleap t-shirt design competition. If you like what he does as much as we do then click through to his website to see more or show your support by voting for his Springleap entry over here.

After many months of themed design competitions, Springleap are changing their tune and reintroducing open themed competitions. And the latest one comes with a massive cash prize. Send in your T-shirt design entries by 12 October. You can send in up to 5 designs so...

sebasebi t-shirt design for Springleap For their latest competition, Springleap asked its community for T-shirt designs inspired by Evolution. "We got way more than we ever expected! We counted the votes, and have crowned sebasebi as Springleap’s latest winner. This super-talented designer is from Argentina and is 926,504,884 seconds young. His designs have been a hit with the Springleap community, and we have a feeling he’s just getting warmed up!" This is what the sebasebi had to say about his design 'Evolution?' above, “Nothing has changed in thousands of years; man gets the power through violence. Hope you like it” Springleap is also running a winter special on Tiger Hug hoodies by SA illustrator Colwyn Thomas

The Bookmarks Awards

As most might know the first annual Bookmarks awards took place last week. While some drama revolved around the event, overall I think it was a step in the right direction. The Bookmarks is exactly what we at 10 and 5 want, another medium to see the quality of work out there. To see what other digital companies in South Africa are currently doing and who is pushing the boundaries of what has been done thus far. Congrats to all involved! We would also like to know your thoughts on this Awards Ceremony and if you think it has a future. Click here to listen to what Adrian Hewlett, chairman of the Online Publishers Association (OPA) has to say about it. Click more to see a list of winners:
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