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Louis Minnaar for Yesterdays Pupil (Firkin)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

Doktrine with their signature style posters for Gazelle, Louis Minnaar churns another one out for Yesterdays Pupil, The Assembly with camera help from Adriaan Louw for their See You Next Wednesday student nights and Andre Pereira with the old school home recording devices for Ashtray Electric and Fire Through The Window.

Farah Hernandez Martinez for Gary Thomas (The Waiting Room)

Social Contract’s Poster Picks

Today’s pretty lineup of posters starts with Doug Gass and a poster that we would love to see screenprinted. Farah Hernandez Martinez once again does beautiful work for Gary Thomas, Bruno Morphet is back with a trademark Killer Robot poster, Ryan McArthur keeps it clean for Captain Stu and lastly Jaco Haasbroek gives you something to smile at.