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Latest Creative News
gov1 Via Wooster Collective, Faith47 has some new work up in Kliptown.
"with elections coming up the slogan. 'our dreams dont fit in your ballots' has been used as a slogan to say that a cross in a ballot box is not enough. here the artists have given the space for passers by to say what they want within their art... i love it..."
09042009576 This came in from a street artist duo (Unlet):
Last week easter came and flew by, we decided to have a little fun in Long street. We made cardboard cutouts of bunny rabbit ears and eyes, and pasted them up all along Kloof and Long street. We don't think that they lasted very long - the wind was pumping and blew a couple of ears flat. Either way, it was a fun little project and we definitely saw at least a couple of smiles as people walked past them!
Take a look at more pics and some behind the scenes as well.
[image title="sticker-pole-jam" size="full" id="952" align="center" ] Skull Boy has got some sick illustration and wheatpaste work up in Durban. We love his style and think you should check out more of his work below. After you've done that, check out his Flickr page.
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