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Deathbok is a range of T-shirts by a group of designers and illustrators who love rugby....

Hurrah for a new range from Mingo Lamberti! Sci Fi is a journey at warp speed through the black hole to the worlds that exist between infinity and beyond. Inspired by space but designed on earth, the force is strong in this range. There are only 200 of...

CHOP SUEY shirt by Mingo Lamberti for Made in China range Mingo Lamberti always has some fresh design. We're digging the new range of Made in China shirts. Brad was kind enough to send us some images through. This range was produced in conjunction with biblioteq, Designtimes and vida e caffe He says:
This t-shirt is 100% not made in china. It is however inspired by china’s overflowing rice bowls, snapping chopsticks and kitsch knock-offs. It is also one of the four winning designs chosen for our 7th range. Not for all the tea in china would we mass produce these designs. They are all limited edition, 1 of only 200, so you can love them long time.
Luke Cannon design studentLuke Cannon is a recent graduate from the Durban University of Technology where he completed his BTech in Visual Communication. Whilst conducting research, Luke decided to create a skateboard brand that would fill the gap in the local market. It is this research that then also formed the style of the brand, that he's since called Remedy. Luke has completed a mini print campaign, skate decks, flyers and a number of iconography inspired t-shirts. More images and some rationale after the jump. Are you a final year student at an advertising or creative school? Why don’t you send us in your work so we can feature you? Send us a mail to Take a look through the rest of our student submissions as well.
Steel met oe
We stumbled across the preliminary shirts from these guys, check out - they are bound to be a hit!
We create screenprint dept. is a small group of friends printing and designing T-shirts limited edition T-shirts. The idea is to create fresh designs on good fitting shirts in very small runs. We will only be printing 30 shirts, of which 25 are available to the public, per design in a particular colour combination. Each shirt is hand printed and hand numbered as they are sold, on a first come first served basis.
The first range of shirts is released on the 21st September 2009. Email us at for orders or any info or visit us on facebook.

Mingo Lamberti has a new range of t-shirts out, and it's being launched at the Assembly together with The Beams, which is also coincidentally what the range is called! We think it's a massive conspiracy theory...

Toffie T-shirt range from The President The President have released TOFFIE, their new range of t-shirts. Shown here is one of the first designs. The shirts will retail for R129,95 and are available at Musica. An exclusive shirt can be ordered from The President directly, and includes a special bag, packaging and also the special TOFFIE necklace. A couple more pics after the jump.

CowAfrica is launching the Illustrators t-shirt range this Thursday at Hello Again (44 Bloem Street, Cape Town). The project aims to produce a new line of t-shirts based on work from exciting up-and-coming illustrators from across the globe. T's are limited to 100 prints of...

springleap_tee Springleap is an online t-shirt clothing store. Each month a winner is chosen based on the highest average community rated score for a design. The winner, plus 19 runners up, will see his/her design printed on high quality slim cut t-shirts that can be ordered via or bought at one of Springleap's exclusive partners. We've asked the guys over at Springleap to send us their top 10 shirts to feature on 10and5. Let us know which one is your favourite. Check them out after the link.

The ideabounty blog has a pretty good interview with Mingo Lamberti, the clothing guys. Check it out here: Mingo Lamberti. Rare and tasty.. Mingo Lamberti . Can you share the background story about the name and explain the concept in general to the nice folks in...

[caption id="attachment_336" align="aligncenter" width="340" caption="Flyer design"]Flyer design[/caption] Jackal and Wolf is an ongoing project for designer Rouleaux van der Merwe where he is the art director. Jackal and Wolf are 100% independant. All of their music is given away for free - you can rock up at one of the burnstations that they've setup throughout the country and burn yourself a copy of their music. All printed material is always printed on 100% recycled paper. In this 10and5 post we show the CD cover insert as well as poster and flyer designs. They also have t-shirts, which are also featured below. Their myspace Rouleaux has a personal that you can view here.
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