Michael Meyersfeld photography for Fiat.
Terence Raft has been contracted to Leo Burnett JHB as Art Director, Copywriter and designer on the brand re-positioning of Fiat in South Africa. We got this brand positioning and statement:
Change perception towards the Fiat Brand and position it as a brand unto its own within the automobile industry.
The first phase is a 2 month campaign which broke at midnight on the 31st December 2009 is the teaser/awareness phase in which the public are introduced to a Fiat brand that is far away from whats previously been seen but interesting enough to ask the question... what's up with FIAT hence the line... Forget what you Know.
It's a total departure from what the brand is at the moment, and it's quite a bold approach. The ads featured here were shot by the well known photographer Michael Meyersfeld.
For more on the campaign, check out the website Forget What You Know.
Between 10 and 5