Inside Madonna's head This campaign by Ogilvy Johannesburg won a bronze at this year's Cannes Lions advertising festival. The ad promotes Exclusive Books' biography section by letting people peak into the heads of celebrities. Description: The peephole poster boxes were used as front of store window posters to entice passersby to interact with them and as a result, come into the store to delve through the biography section. The posters of famous and infamous people invited people to take a peek into their minds through a peephole on the poster. When the viewer took a look inside they experienced a beautiful 3D set depicting the inner workings of the mind of the person whose picture adorned the box. Creative team Chief Creative Officer: Fran Luckin Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin Creative Director: Mike Martin/Bridget Johnson Copywriter: David Kreuger Advertiser's Supervisor: Fred Withers Account Supervisor: Caree Ferrari Producer: Greg Pentopolous -Oaktree Studio Art Buyer: Shirley Wagner Art Director: Mike Martin/Ian Broekhuizen Illustrator: Flip Hutton/Jo Dal/London Models Photographer: Pierre Peters Typographer: Mike Martin/Ian Broekhuizen
Between 10 and 5