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Klipdrift TV commercial new slogan – Ngena/Again, ja

Klipdrift TV commercial new slogan – Ngena/Again, ja

Klipdrift copywriters have seem to have decided to move away from the very well liked “Met Eish Ja”. The new slogan/pay-off line is “Ngena”, or “Again, ja”. It makes sense when you know what it means – Ngena means to “Go in” or  “Come over” or “Welcome”, to which Neels […]

New Mainstay TV ad

Some of you probably remember the much loved vintage Mainstay ads (or at least the jingle). This is the latest commercial for the cane spirit, the first in over 20 years! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIUqCkTlFG8[/youtube] We’re pretty sure Draftfcb is responsible for this. Update: We’ve been notified that TBWA Johannesburg is responsible for […]

Nando’s: Well hung.

  Just a little something to add a smile to your friday afternoon. This is why we love Nando’s advertising! Enjoy the weekend 10and5ers.

New Chicken Licken TVC

Over at Cherryflava you can spot the latest hilarious TV Commercials produced for Chicken Licken by Net#work BBDO. Here’s a teaser:

Home is where the Steers is…

This is the latest ad done for Steers by King James Jo’burg. It’s inspired by all the ex-pats who move to London and pretend that it’s the best thing they ever did, when deep down inside, they miss the small things that make South Africa home, like Steers.

DA Rocking the Vote (Who dunnit?)

The DA has entered the above-the-line campaign race with this inspiring little TV ad. The ad carries an uplifting message, focusing on the hope that, with your support, the DA can make South Africa a better place for all. The only question is who’dunnit? Here’s to hoping one of you […]

Who’Dunnit – Sports Illustrated Afrikaans TV ad

UPDATE: this has been solved. Click through to view who did the campaign. We couldn’t find out who produced this video for Sports Illustrated Afrikaans. It’s our Who Dunnit of the week. We had to do some sleuthing around to find it at all online at first, we eventually found […]

Nandos – A and C

Matthew Buckland pointed us to the new Nando’s TV commercial featuring Evita Bezuidenhout. We’re not entirely sure who produced the TV, but we have a fairly good idea that Jupiter Drawing Room and Black River FC is behind it. If you know, let us know in the comments. First person […]

Willard – Release the Party Animal

Ads and campaigns for potato chips have always been been edgy. Somehow eating chips will make you a more exciting person… Either way, this one is by Willards and centers around the “Release your inner Party Animal”. It’s quite entertaining and definitely worth the watch!  I’ve spotted it on TV […]

Windhoek TV – Keep it Real by Jupiter Drawing Room

Windhoek – Keep it Real from 10and5 on Vimeo. Windhoek ads have always made me laugh a little. They’re quirky in their own way. Check the latest Windhoek TV Commercial doing the rounds on TV. The creative team behind it: Livio Tronchin: Creative Director Jonathan Commerford: Copywriter Lucas Van Vuuren: […]