The end of 2009 is nigh (giggle) and we'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for your support. And to everyone we've featured this year, thank you! Without your amazing creativity and hard work we wouldn't exist. So, before this starts...

09042009576 This came in from a street artist duo (Unlet):
Last week easter came and flew by, we decided to have a little fun in Long street. We made cardboard cutouts of bunny rabbit ears and eyes, and pasted them up all along Kloof and Long street. We don't think that they lasted very long - the wind was pumping and blew a couple of ears flat. Either way, it was a fun little project and we definitely saw at least a couple of smiles as people walked past them!
Take a look at more pics and some behind the scenes as well.
Mancream ad 3 We featured the Mancream ads last week and we're unearthed who was behind it all! Featured above here is the last missing ad that we've managed to track down as well. Click through for more, and also some behind the scenes pics.

Wednesday night at Assembly another Pecha Kucha was held by Instant Grass. Between 10and5 was invited to do a presentation and we picked our topic to be Between 5 and 10 memes that have shaped the internet. For thos that don't know, Pecha Kucha is...

Between 10 and 5