Following the infamous Castle Lite TV commercial starring Vanilla Ice that caused a big stir locally and abroad, Castle Lite has held onto the 90’s hit ‘Ice Ice Baby’ in the follow up TVC created by Ogilvy Cape Town. To extend the campaign and to...

[youtube][/youtube] This from the press release: OGILVY CAPE TOWN’S BRAVE NEW WORK FOR CASTLE LITE BRINGS ‘ICE ICE BABY’ BACK
There is nothing like an international rap star like Vanilla Ice, to bring some tongue in cheek flavour to an already popular beer brand like Castle Lite. The commercial, created for South African Breweries (SAB), emphasises the beer’s new extra cold attribute by aligning it with Vanilla Ice, otherwise known as Robert Matthew Van Winkle, and his number one hit single from the 90’s, ‘Ice Ice Baby’.
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