Greeting cards with a difference. Greeting cards by Growing Paper Growing Paper produces handmade cards with a twist: the paper used for the greeting cards is embedded with flower seeds. So, you can plant your card in a sunny spot, water it and watch your written words come to life. The handmade paper is made from waste paper that’s been re-processed. Since the paper-making process uses large amounts of water, Growing Paper reuses their waste water for farming activities on the Swartland farm where they're situated.
VISI magazine Some more great product design sent to us from VISI magazine. Click through to see some new and unique furniture design. Bauhaus birdhouse by Lucas Adams bauhaus-birdhouse-1 The 21-year-old designer from Cape Town specifically created this quirky birdhouse for a canary. As canaries prefer hopping, Lucas focused on creating a simple, horizontal space that incorporates a landing area for the bird.
visiBackground-580x156 Some new creative finds from the VISI site. Click through to read more about each piece. Designer notebooks by 1STDRAFT. 1st-draft notebooks Two Capetonians, Mark Rosenberg and Zachariah King, recently started a small publishing company called 1STDRAFT. The duo have just launched their first project, "How to write your own novel", which comprises a series of four notebooks aimed at encouraging aspiring writers to pen down their mystery, fantasy, romance and science-fiction novels.
Visi Magazine Local creative magazine VISI is most certainly one of our favourite local design publications. We've got some of the coolest topics from their site, and also some stuff that will be featured in the up-coming issue of VISI. Check out the excerpts below, and click through for the full article. You can also follow VISI on Twitter. The Klone Icon shopper featuring designs by Karin Miller The Klone Icon shopper featuring designs by Karin Miller Shopping bags are no longer purely functional; they've become statement pieces. If you're searching for a bag that'll make heads turn, look no further than the locally manufactured Klone Icon semi-leather shopper.
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