Voice Magazine, the newly launched digital magazine that we featured a while ago, is opening up their call for submissions. Download their submission form here and send it off to them. Click through for a preview.
BRIEF: LOVE; HURT; PRIDE; WORK; FUTURE As an evolving publication in an evolving medium, we thought long and hard as to how to represent the global phenomenon of online networks and self-promotion. To make things easier for ourselves we sought after what brings us all together despite our differences of physical locations and local traditions. We realised that being human is the answer to this question and discovered that we are all searching for answers that can be categorised under the five headings of our brief. We are excited to explore and interact with how different people see and prioritise these levels of the human psyche.
The deadline for contributions is Wednesday 20 May, but you might be able to twist their arm...
voice-magazines-2 Voice Magazine is a collaboration between mooredesign & MagMagMagazines, a new online publishing software developed in Switzerland. The result is a progressive platform for the exploration of online communities and networks. THE PILOT The first issue utilises the existing network of the creator. Having a circle of musicians, artists, photographers, designers, actors and promoters as ‘friends’, the magazine became a scrapbook of their work and ideas on Love, Future, Hate, Work & Pride. Voice Magazine hopes to create an evolving publication free of guidelines and restrictions of content. A pure VOICE for everyone. Read a bit more about it after the jump.
Between 10 and 5