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Levi’s® Red Tab™ introduces workwear-inspired overalls and stay-loose carpenter pants for effortless winter styling.

No wardrobe is complete without a timeless pair of overalls, and this pair is as classic as they come. Featuring a front bib with pockets and adjustable straps, this versatile staple is made to be worn forever-ever and is right at home in art studios, workshops, and in the streets.

These carpenter pants bring workwear and fashion together, creating a retro-modern look with a roomy, relaxed fit. By combining the best of cargo pants and clean-cut work pants, these cords are your new go-to for casual cool. Wear ‘em with your favourite graphic tee, puffer, or jersey—there’s no wrong way to do it.


Levi’s® workwear edition is now available, visit Levi’s® to shop or any select Levi’s® stores nationwide. For more on Levi’s® follow @Levis_africa on Instagram and @Levis.South.Africa on Facebook.