Reebok Promotes SA’s Youth Creatives In New Classic Leather Campaign

In the creator economy, age and experience have no hold. Some of the world’s best creativity has come from the most unlikely places and spaces. A curious mind, a refusal to be idle, and a desire to get off the sidelines are the only prerequisites. This is the spirit that underpins the thriving ‘creator economy’, the unconventional ‘sub-section’ of the more traditional ‘total economy’, which often excludes or silences the voices of the perceived ‘inexperienced’ or ‘naive’ youth.

At Reebok, we believe the creator economy,  a segment of the economy that is spearheaded by content makers, media influencers, and varying creative specialists, has a massive influence on shaping our culture today for tomorrow. To elevate and empower this subsection, and in celebration of the latest Classic Leather Shift sneaker, we are launching The Creator Collective as part of the Make It Yours campaign. Creatives all around the world are removing boundaries and shattering expectations. The Classic Leather Make It Yours is a symbol of this movement. Paying respect to the changing tides of today’s world, Shift brings an updated stitching and overlay pattern to the Classic Leather resulting in a custom look that still feels iconic. Be more than just a part of your story.

The concept behind the Make It Yours campaign is to celebrate, elevate and empower the creator economy by providing a digital space for creatives to showcase their talent and shape our culture today for tomorrow.

Reebok are on a mission to unearth 30 of South Africa’s most disruptive, young creators. From craftspersons to artisans, DIY gurus to musicians, designers to photographers and dancers; all creators are invited to be inducted into The Creator Collective. After applying, if accepted, creators will benefit from being featured across Reebok South Africa’s platforms, the opportunity to be commissioned for work and a mix of cash and product prizes.

“Young people are bold, talented, and hungry to make their mark on the world. The youth’s drive and desire to succeed have challenged the norms of society, resulting in this next generation becoming one of the most influential stakeholders of the economy.” says Aaron Zipper, Creative Director and Founder of Augment Agency. 

“The talents of young people must be nurtured and protected so that they can reach their full potential, and Reebok South Africa wants to be that brand at the forefront of this in South Africa. The Make It Yours is a continuation of our  Life Is Not A Spectator Sport campaign from earlier this year, where we similarly set out to empower and equip young creators through a digital content creation workshop hosted in the Metaverse. As a brand, we are always looking to use our platforms to empower the youth and share real, authentic local stories” says Steffi Jones, Brand and Omni Lead of Reebok South Africa.

Three of the 30 available spots have already been claimed by the Life Is Not A Spectator Sport winners. One of them, Sauwcy, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and rapper – uses all approaches to music to share her message of independence.

“It is immensely important to uplift young South African creatives. We must show that we’re not just “crazy or weird” creatives but the new leaders of a new world,” she says. 

Sauwcy is joined by two more inaugural inductees;  Virgil (Nkululeko Hlongwane), the 18-year-old founder of the multimedia movement  ‘Kozy Backstraadi’ who says “ the experience  I got from the ‘Life Is Not A Spectators Sport’ campaign gives hope to creatives from all walks of life,” and up-and-coming fashion designer, Tshepo Phala who echos this in saying “ not every kid is passionate about corporate life or going to varsity. So encouraging them to use their gifts, talents, and creativity to transform their lives gives them an alternative to feeling hopeless.”

If you think you’re shifting societal norms and your craft is out of ‘ordinary,’ submit your creative content at 

Submissions are now open until 07 September 2022.  Each week, for three weeks, nine new applicants will be inducted into The Creator Collective. Each round will include one winner, who will receive a cash + prize package worth R10 000 and a runner-up who will receive a voucher valued at R2,500 to shop their Classic leather shift and style the look. Further to this, there’s also an opportunity to be involved in the campaign through commissioned work. 

18 spaces are remaining and one of them has your name on it. Make It Yours.

1st round of inductees, 26 August 

2nd round of inductees, 2 September 

3rd round of inductees, 9 September 

Closing date 8 September

The Classic Leather Shift sneaker drops in-store at Canal Walk and Sandton City and at on 26 August 2022.