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Young & Black: Meet the Creators

In the entire creative industry, it’s easy enough to say that the visual arts sector is forever growing and it is quite beautiful to witness. Most young and black artists at the forefront of their creative journeys are exposing themselves to a world of exciting opportunities and at the same time they are defining this space. At 10and5, with our eyes on high alert for these talented individuals, we’ve picked this moment that serves as an open ‘love letter’, writing about a select five artists who fit that description.

Terence Maluleke

Terence Maluleke, known affectionately as Tako, is a director, fine artist and one of the founders of Kasi Sketchbook. Originally from South Africa, Soweto, a township which he draws most of his inspiration from, the artist aims to create drawing clubs in the townships that will encourage a daily practice in young artists to “Draw Your World” in Kasi Sketchbooks. Terence creates artistry that speaks to the vastness of African cultures, whilst enhancing storytelling. He describes his artistic medium as an exploration of comics, traditional 3D work and photography. 

Muofhe Manavhela 

Muofhe Rotondwa Manavhela is a multi-disciplinary artist from Johannesburg. She defines herself as daring, forever learning, colourful, vibrant and adapting. Similarly to her own sense of inner vibrancy, this is channeled in her work, which mainly explores themes of black womanhood and their experiences within society. But she also taps into sexuality, youth, freedom, pleasure, and the home-lovingness of women. Notably, she was one of the featured women artists involved in the “We Are Culture” group exhibition at the Standard Bank Gallery.  

Nombuso Dowelani

Nombuso Dowelani is a visual artist originally from Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, and based in Johannesburg. Nombuso’s artworks are synonymous with highlighting femininity, cultural and societal experiences and the explorations of the female body and breaking stereotypes interlinked with it. Her work sparks a sense of nostalgia as she uses these mediums to engage with topics such as South African pop culture and personal experiences. 

Talia Ramkilawan

Talia Ramkilawan is a high school art teacher and artist whose primary medium falls under the umbrella of tapestry. Identifying as a queer Indian womxn, her work explores themes of friends, family, trauma and healing. To her work, there’s a distinct navigation through her South Asian heritage where dislocation and displacement are closely resemblant of historic baggage and trauma.

Siphesihle Ntsungwana

Siphesihle Ntsungwana is a visual artist born in the Eastern Cape whose work is said to explore his identity. Using paint as a medium, Siphesihle explores the transitions from living in the rural area of Bizana in the Eastern Cape to moving to the urban city of Durban and the changes it brought to his identity. He recently created an illustrative artwork of globally renowned artist, Drake, which brought him global recognition. Drake gave Siphesihle a shout-out on his Instagram stories and also used the portrait he had created as a profile picture.