Faith47, "Here are 2 wine tanks I painted on the Fairhills wine farm which is a fair trade wine farm so I went along with the theme of fair trade. This artwork is about transparency within trade. I was invited by Fairhills to...

Toyah Humphreys is a female graffiti artist that grew up in South Africa with European parents. She's since moved to Europe to persue her fine art career in galleries.
I had a solo show at 34 long street at the beginning of the year, and I am having a solo show in Amsterdam at the end of this year at the Willem Kerseboom gallery. I am also doing numerous group shows in London. I have been painting graffiti for around 5 years, and only in the last year moved into galleries. I love what I do, and am lucky enough to get paid to do it!
Between 10 and 5