Ulwandle: A Solo Exhibition by Bahati Simoens

South African visual artist Bahati Simoens announced her solo exhibition five days ago and the exhibition commenced on the 15th of July 2023. “Jac Forbes Contemporary is proud to present ‘ULWANDLE, a solo exhibition by Burundi-born, South-Africa-based artist Bahati Simons. We welcome Bahati back to Los Angeles for her first solo exhibition at Jac Forbes Contemporary. The show opens 7.15 | 5-7 at our Malibu location”, the gallery expressed in a lengthy Instagram post.

Carefully explained by Jac Forbes Contemporary, “Ulwandle’ is a Zulu word referring to the ocean, sea, or any big body of water. It is a fitting title for an exhibition that highlights fluidity and movement. The show is an ode to Simons’ recent phases of growth and a meditation on how we flow through the many stages of healing. Overcoming traumas from past abuse is not a linear path, but one which calls on patience, courage, and love.”

“My happy place became our happy place, and now the ocean leaves me floundering. Ulwandle, I hope you find peace.”

Bahati Simoens
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