Celebrating Sonic State’s Milestone: Heineken’s ‘Waste-to-Wear’ Project Shines at New York Festivals Ad Awards 2024

Exciting news for SonicState, a renowned Creative Design Agency, has won Bronze at the New York Festivals Ad Awards 2024 for their innovative Heineken Waste-to-Wear project! This remarkable achievement is a testament to their vision and collaboration with industry giants like Heineken South Africa, Swain Swagger, Bhavna Mistry, and Juaan Ferreira.

Heineken South Africa’s campaign, ‘Fields Green With Grass, Not Glass,’ aimed to transform broken glass ‘hotspots’ into vibrant green zones. This initiative was a step towards addressing the environmental impact of discarded glass bottles while beautifying urban areas. Sonic State’s Waste-to-Wear project further amplified this mission.

In the Waste-to-Wear project, discarded Heineken glass bottles collected from these ‘hotspots’ were creatively repurposed into 3,000 rings, 3,000 medallions, and a unique collection of homeware, including dinner sets and a hops-inspired pendant light. This project beautifully illustrates how innovative design can address environmental issues while creating meaningful and aesthetically pleasing products.

A key element of the Waste-to-Wear project was Sonic State’s collaboration with Chas Prettejohn and Ngwenya Glass in Eswatini. Their exceptional craftsmanship transformed waste glass into stunning pieces of art and utility. This partnership highlights the power of creative collaboration and sustainable design.

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The recognition from the New York Festivals Ad Awards is a well-deserved acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in this project. It underscores the significant impact that thoughtful and innovative design can have on our environment and communities.

Sonic State’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creative design and sustainability shines brightly through the Waste-to-Wear project. This achievement sets a high standard for future endeavors, demonstrating what can be accomplished when vision, collaboration, and a passion for making a difference come together.

We celebrate greatness with SonicState on this incredible milestone and look forward to many more groundbreaking projects in the future! 🌍 ✨