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Jobs: Senior Interactive Designer

Senior / Lead Flash Actionscripter Stonewall+ is looking for an experienced and highly-skilled Flash Developer and ActionScript Programmer to join their Cape Town office in order to manage and grow a talented team of Flash Developers. The position requires a strong leader with a passion for innovation and experimentation. The […]

Hello Computer Office Photos
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Hello Computer Office Photos

We’re starting a new feature on Between 10 and 5 called Office Photo’s where we feature office photo’s of all the contributors to the site. There are a couple of other sites doing similar stuff, most notably and more locally Bandwidth Blog as well. The photo’s you’ll see here […]

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VW “Cheetah” by Ogilvy

This is the latest work done by Ogilvy Cape Town for the new VW Golf. Great advertising often relies on great storytelling, this ad does that and leaves you with the warm fuzzy feeling that South African’s have come to associate with the VW brand. Click through for the press […]


Oh Boy!

This is the latest work done for Melrose by King James Cape Town (and by latest we mean it flighted for the first time yesterday!) Check it out, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Writer: Devin Kennedy Art Director: Damiam Bonse Creative Directors: Alistair King and Devin […]


Incredible Connection

This is the latest work done for Incredible Connection by their agency Black River FC. The aim of the ad was to shift the brand identity from being that of a cold, unfriendly retailer for the tech savvy, to that of a friendly, approachable brand that helps ordinary people connect […]