Hippo Boutique Red Bull Room by Word of Art It's great seeing spaces that you wouldn't traditionally see street brands be in, actually welcome and facilitate a street culture. Established & Partners hooked us up with the Hippo Boutique Hotel's Red Bull Suite, which was put together by Ricky Gordon and the guys over at Word Of Art. The press release reads:
Hippo Boutique Hotel is proud to unveil the Red Bull Suite, a collaboration with the world's best selling energy drink and one of the hottest global brands. Given carte blanche to do what they wanted with the space, Red Bull brought in Cape Town agency Word of Art who conceptualised a room dedicated to the underground street cultures that Red Bull has supported for many years. Popular artists and illustrators Theory One, Faith47, Wesley Van Eedon, Maklone, Black Koki, 351073, Senyol, Elbow Grease, Toe007 and Warren Lewis created original artworks for the space. The final result is a fresh urban take on the Red Bull lifestyle and a hotel room that any hip urban dweller will feel right at home in.
Check out some more pics after the jump, or visit the Hippo Boutique website. The photos were all taken by Jonx Pillemer.
1stpage When Dima and Dimitrios decided to open their new hair boutique at the exclusive, five star Cellars Hohenort Hotel, they needed a stylish corporate identity that would reflect their unique hair design experience. Their initials, D and D, lent themselves to a nifty device that created the shape of a stylised pair of scissors. This logo, along with other hair-themed design elements, was then rolled out across the entire CI. The campaign was created by designer Charl Kruger and coprywriter Michael Pearson, with the help of their colleagues at Net#work BBDO Cape Town.
Isle of trees - Loeries portfolio pieceIan Kelnyk is a graphic designer/multi talent imagineer based in Cape Town working under the company title I Love Trees - sometimes spelled Isle of Trees as well. I Love Trees also has a couple of other "branches" - including logo and graphic design, interior decorating (TreeHaus), furniture and objects (Factree), clothing (Paper Cuts) and more. Some of his work has been for the Old Biscuit Mill, including the website as well as vehicle branding, featured above is the City of Cape Town bid booklet for the Loeries hosting that I Love Trees designed. Check out some more of his stuff after the jump.
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