UPCYCLE: Transforming Office Furniture into Art

UPCYCLE: Transforming Office Furniture into Art

South African ingenuity takes the spotlight at UPCYCLE: Office Furniture Reimagined, a groundbreaking event on April 19th and 20th, 2024, at Makers Landing, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

This innovative exhibition, led by global design and build company Tétris, seeks to transform the modern office landscape by repurposing old furniture into stunning works of art. Spearheading the movement are forward-thinking artists and designers tasked with infusing new life into discarded office items.

Congolese artist Patrick Bongoy, Studio Ananta’s Viveka and Rucita Vassen, Nisha and Justus Van der Hoven of Hoven Design, and Laurie Wiid from Wiid Design are among those challenged to craft artworks or installations using donated office furniture. Their creations will be displayed alongside Tétris’s own upcycling projects, presented by industry leaders like Amaury Watine and Adrian Davidson.

Using materials such as disused rubber, Patrick Bongoy creates new life and symbolism with his artworks, making him the perfect contributor to the UPCYCLE project.

‘The workplace concept has evolved significantly,’ says Bongoy, whose project aims to create art that reduces stress and boosts productivity. ‘As technology advances, employee interactions with their workspaces will evolve too.’

The exhibition promises an array of installations pushing the boundaries of sustainability and material innovation. From Wiid’s birdhouse crafted from repurposed dustbins to the Van der Hoven’s experimental workspace designs, each piece offers a glimpse into the future of office environments.

The majority of Wiid Design’s pieces are made using cork, For UPCYCLE, Wiid will be creating a sculptural birdhouse using almost 30 old office dustbins in combination with cork, steel and concrete. 

“We’re excited to showcase the potential of transforming waste into beauty,” says Tétris director Mandla Dube. “UPCYCLE sparks conversations about workspace evolution and environmental impact.”

Don’t miss the fusion of creativity, sustainability, and workspace design at UPCYCLE: Office Furniture Reimagined. Open to the public on April 19th and 20th at Makers Landing, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Student-focused day on Friday, and a free walkabout with designers on Saturday at 11h00. Entry is free, with secure paid parking available.

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