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NEBNIKRO  –  Ben Orkin

NEBNIKRO – Ben Orkin

  Ben Orkin is a Cape Town-based artist who is currently completing his studies at Michaelis School of Fine Art. This fresh 20-year-old designs and makes clothing, bags, mosaics, bead-works and photography as well as producing a line of ceramics under his artist’s name ‘NEBNIKRO’. You have an eclectic (and […]

I am the Lo$er Interview

I am the Lo$er Interview

This is a video interview with Lo$er, an illustrator and graffiti artist from Cape Town, only it’s not. While the video is, in Lo$er’s own words, “just a bit of fun”, it also makes a statement about DA Councilor JP Smith’s new by-law making graffiti illegal.

We want your opinion

Between 10and5 wants to know what you would most like hear about, when we’re busy interviewing designers. Instead of just thinking for our dedicated readers – You guys and girls – we want to find out what most interests you, what questions get your creative juices flowing, and how detailed […]