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Credit: Elijah Ndoumbe (including featured image)

Listen to the sounds of Būjin

BŪJIN [ Dani Kyengo O’Neill] is a South African sonic performer, producer and sound artist whose work predominates live performance, composition, collaboration, production, dj-ing, sound installation and sonic based research.

NEBNIKRO  –  Ben Orkin

NEBNIKRO – Ben Orkin

  Ben Orkin is a Cape Town-based artist who is currently completing his studies at Michaelis School of Fine Art. This fresh 20-year-old designs and makes clothing, bags, mosaics, bead-works and photography as well as producing a line of ceramics under his artist’s name ‘NEBNIKRO’. You have an eclectic (and […]

I am the Lo$er Interview

I am the Lo$er Interview

This is a video interview with Lo$er, an illustrator and graffiti artist from Cape Town, only it’s not. While the video is, in Lo$er’s own words, “just a bit of fun”, it also makes a statement about DA Councilor JP Smith’s new by-law making graffiti illegal.