Over 3,000 balls used to create this display for Nike. Does anyone have any more info for us on this? Who dunnit?...

The MTN8 aka Wafa Wafa! is a South African football tournament. The top 8 teams from the PSL league qualify. It's a knock out tournament with R8 000 000 prize money, if you lose you are out, winner takes all. the payoff for the competiton is "Who will be the last man standing?". We took the 8 South African clubs and portrayed them as "warrior fans". Click through for the posters/print collateral.
Conduit Produces work for Adidas We got hold of Conduit who will be doing 2 short films for Adidas International. We'll be revealing a couple of grabs from the films in the next couple of days and weeks. Keep following!
Conduit awarded two short films for Adidas Global! Conduit Productions has been awarded production of two short films for Adidas International and their global advertising partner 180 Amsterdam.
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