Everyone Loves Cake! Cat Lindsay And Nadezna Radcore Launch Joburg’s Newest Production House

The production company may be newly formed, but executive producer Cat Lindsay and director Nadezna Radcore have been working on commercials together for many years – so why not have their cake and eat it too? Lindsay and Radcore are co-owners of Cake, which launched in January of this year. Director and DOP Rob Malpage forms the third permanent member of their close knit stable. Intrigued by Cake’s guiding principles of love, beauty and freedom, we caught up with the dynamic duo behind the company to find out more about their careers and experiences within the local film industry, and what they’re setting out to achieve going forward.

Before we dive in, tell us a bit about your individual creative backgrounds and careers in the film industry. 

Cat Lindsay: I’ve been in it since graduating in 2000! It’s a very long time, I’ve done my 10000 hours almost five times now. I’m accepting the fact that I’m officially an “older but not, like, super old” pro, even though I still feel like I’m 27.

Nadezna Radcore: On my side, I worked at a local fashion house while still at school, then studied design and photography in New York and went a bit further into fashion in London before returning home and getting into the film industry. Went to cinema school then got straight into the industry working in the camera department on features and as a researcher for commercials. Swayed more towards commercials and now I’m here.   

Congrats on launching Cake! You say that “the name is new, but we’ve been doing this forever”. So what inspired you to make it official? 

CL:  Nadezna, Rob and I have been working together since 2010, we’re very much attached. We’ve been talking about creating this space together for a while. Nadezna and I really wanted to build a brand that spoke to and for us. A company focused on elevation on so many levels. A place where we could be free to create content and explore our individuality while still being held in an experienced and secure environment. Basically, we just wanted to be happy every day and doing this work ticks that box for us over and over.