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For the fashion-forward city adventurer, check out Space Spinach (SS) – a multi-functional fashion label founded by South African designer Dennis Collins. A brand that takes cues from skate culture, SS offers you the option of sustainable casual clothing, animal-print pieces and classic fits. With the fashion label’s latest collection you can build an effortless and fashionable wardrobe influenced by multilayered vintage-inspired streetwear. Read below for the full article:

Some of the clothes in this collection were made from up-cycled leather offcuts. I really wanted to work with leather, and still do, but I can’t really substantiate supporting that industry in full. So, I decided to use the ‘waste’ or discarded leather where some pieces are drawn on, or scuffed, and patched these together. With the growth of SS, I want to look further into ways to keep our products earth-friendly. We are a small, one-person business, so our carbon footprint is pretty low. I want to keep it that way.

Model: Jade and Lindsey. Photographer: David Shiffman. IMAGE COURTESY OF SS.
Photographer: David Shiffman. IMAGE COURTESY OF SS.

How did you get into clothing design?

”Honestly, out of frustration and a need for expression. I wanted to be able to make and offer whatever was on my mind at the time. I wanted to not feel restricted to the already limited menswear departments or turnaround times.”

Who are some of your role models?

‘’I would say my first role model is my older sister. She was definitely the first person I knew who was ‘cool’, and she exposed me to a lot as her younger brother. My biggest role model, however, is my Uncle Herman. He always made sure the family was well kept-after. He is a “do it yourself” type of person – respected, and self-defined. Of course, my mom is also a big inspiration to me, because if skateboarding did not teach me never to give up and to always try one more time… she sure did! My mom is the poster-child for “keep going”. Other inspirations: the people over at YSL and RL Polo for the clean, crisp silhouettes they serve. And the kids out here in the city, my friends, the homeless entrepreneurs on the corner, everyone out there trying their asses off! We all see each other, and in the local scene of makers and do it yourself-ers: I salute you!’’

What is the work you’ve done that excites you the most?

”My first shoot, realising the potential of SS, and preparing for the launch of the PPC store. I only had two weeks to produce a capsule collection. The stress and anxiety was all worth it, when I could stand amongst my friends and the community – living out our dream! But, it is the work to come and future plans for the brand that I now share with my partner, Lindsey, and all our late-night chats and ideas that excite me the most.”

Right now, Space Spinach is still caviar, you know? The brand is still just a tiny egg; not fully formed yet. That being said, there is loads more to come and my imagination and creative expression feels pretty endless at the moment. 

Model: Lindsey Raymond. Photographer: David Shiffman. IMAGE COURTESY OF SS.
Portrait shot of Dennis Collins. Photographer: David Shiffman. IMAGE COURTESY OF SS.

Where can interested buyers find your merchandise? 

”You can reach out directly through Instagram: @spacespinach. You can also find me at fine stores such as Baseline Skate Shop on Kloof Street and The Pot Plant Club on Bree Street. In due time, you could even find SS at a new stockist in JHB! Huge thank you to Between10and5 for the opportunity to share SS’s story!”

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