Not Your Average Sole: Irvin Khumalo Photographs Gogo’s Wearing Cool Sneakers

Irvin Irv Khumalo is a Johannesburg based artist who spends most of his time on the road. He runs a Creative Agency called Irv Blames Jake which offers services in photography, filmmaking, and dj’ing. He hosts an electronic music podcast show called 63 Audio Illusions.

He recently shot a photo series called ‘Not Your Average Sole’ which explores old folk, fashion, and sneaker culture. 

“My aim is to change the narrative of sneakers being reserved for the youth. I’ve observed how our grandparents walk long distances in shoes that are unbearable to walk with. So I feel our grandparents should be able to feel the same comfortability we ‘the youth’ feel when we wear these cool sneakers.”

“My relationship with sneakers however is a simple one, if it fits, I’ll wear it. As the saying goes, fashion repeats itself. It’s evident, with the word vintage and retro popping up in the same sentence as trendy. More than anything. I feel the technology implemented on the sneakers will help our grandparents walk comfortably.” he adds.