5 questions W/Lordkez

We spoke to ethereal and dreamy soul musician lordkez to learn a tiny bit more about her, her quirks, and her process. Her latest EP ‘midsummer’, is a beautiful blend of RnB & Soul that marries and engages genres such as hip hop and dance in showcasing her musical diversity. Read more below:

Why did you choose to go into music? 

music is what comes easiest for me 

Which instruments do you play?

I played the piano & guitar 

What’s your musical process?

My process varies, I go where the music takes me 

Who is your dream collaborator? 

My ideal collab is Erykah Badu, she has been my inspiration for the longest time.

Do you remember your worst performance?

my worst performance was my first, I recall the sound cutting a couple of times and it was kinda embarrassingStream lordkez’s super relatable, groovy, and soulful EP ‘midsummer’ now on Spotify