Netflix Releases The Trailer For Kings of Joburg Season 2

South Africa Sci-fi crime thriller, Kings of Jobrug, has just released a trailer for its 2nd season. The trailer reveals very little of the plot of season 2 but judging from the imagery we see in the trailer, Mogomotsi (played by Zolisa Xavula) will take over from his brother, Simon aka Vader (played by the late Shona Ferguson) as the next King of Joburg.

If you have been following the show then you will wonder what the intentions of the mermaid are and who will feed its spirit no that it no longer has a ‘host’. There are scenes where Mogomotsi’s eyes glow light blue, representing the mermaid spirit within him. With the passing of Simon, it will be interesting to see how the romance between Angela Masire and Mogomotsi will develop alongside his complex relationship with undercover cop, Phumzi. You can watch the full trailer below.