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10 and 5 DAILY PICKS: Gucci X Trevor Stuurman

At Between 10 and 5, we are on a constant scouting call for South Africa’s wide range of talented and diverse photographers. Bi-monthly we highlight our favs as Editors’ / Daily Picks. If you want to share your own work with us, you can learn more about becoming a member of our creative community.

In honour of the new Gucci opening a new store in Durban, The legendary Trevor Stuurman and Gucci have collaborated fusing cultural accessories from different South African tribes and Gucci’s accessories.  #SwipeLeft to view photographic work from the collaboration.

I have always identified as a global African, someone who is deeply rooted in the ideology of home. Being approached by gucci to contribute to its arrival to the city of eThekwini (Durban) at the new Oceans Mall was more than just a celebration but a reminder of the importance of cultural collaboration. It was a great honour to welcome gucci, a global heritage brand to the Zulu Kingdom. This campaign was a beautiful tribute to the power of globalization and it provided a unique opportunity to infuse African creativity into the gucci visual language.

Trevor Stuurman