Read our 5 Question interview with Muzi

We got to catch up with DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer Muzi for a quick 5 question interview on his upcoming North American tour, his influences, and the things getting him through 2022

What are you most looking forward to for your North American tour? 

Thanks to the internet, I’ve made a lot of new friends/ supporters there so I can’t wait to meet them.

Who would form part of your perfect dream band? 

Missy Elliott, Daft Punk and myself.

Which genre, if challenged, would you take on next? 

Maskandi 😂

What are 5 things getting you through 2022? 

My daughter. My team. My friends. PlayStation. Music.

Can you give us a snapshot & some background on Muzi 2016 vs Muzi 2022 (what are the differences, lessons, highlights, and pivots)

In 2016, Muzi is living in Berlin, Germany. Still trying to figure out what hits first album is going to sound like. Also, my daughter, Zeno hasn’t arrived yet, so life is still about me. Everything is career-lead at this point. In 2022, Muzi is on his 4th album, living in JHB, South Africa. Everything is fatherhood-lead. Working on my new music. A lot has been achieved so I’m way more calm. Trying to figure out where to take the sound next.

Follow more of Muzi story on his IG page. You can also check out & stream Muzi’s music now on Spotify!