Showmax original series Wyfie.


Get ready to dive into uni-life chaos as Showmax releases the teaser for Wyfie, a fresh drama hitting screens on 12 February 2023.

In this R18 series from award-winners Homebrew Films, directed by SAFTA winner Johan Cronje, Wyfie unfolds the tales of four mismatched first-year roommates at Pantera res, the hub of drama at the fictional Eike university.

Starring Beata Bena Green, Celeste Loots, Kristen Raath, and Mienke Ehlers, with a bunch of familiar faces in the mix, including Adrian Steyn and Marguerite van Eeden, Wyfie promises a rollercoaster of university adventures and misadventures.

Johan spills the beans, “University is a crazy time where you find out who you really are. It’s a period of growth, exploration, and discovering life.”

But this isn’t just any drama. With a killer soundtrack featuring the last recordings of Angie Oeh, the series pays tribute to her. Peach van Pletzen, the 2023 SAFTA winner, weaves magic with Angie’s hauntingly beautiful voice.

“Angie was the inspiration for the series’ title. Having her as part of the soundtrack is incredibly valuable to me,” says Johan. “I feel very, very lucky that we can use her music in this series.”

Wyfie promises to be loud, in your face, tender, and soft—just like life in your early twenties. Johan challenges you, “People should watch Wyfie because we weren’t afraid, because we weren’t shy. It’s a very honest story and it’s not afraid to show university life the way it really is.”

🍿Wyfie premiers on 12 February 2023, with two episodes every Tuesday. 

Think you might enjoy it, Watch the trailer to find out.