The “Synaptic” Exhibition at THK Gallery is Coming to an End

Synaptic is a group exhibition that was presented by THK Gallery a dynamic contemporary art gallery situated in the heart of Cape Town. The exhibition is delineated as an exhibition focused on the mysterious nature of consciousness. It is further said to be an exhibition that looks at the feedback loop between our physical and mental realities, and the idea that you can effect change in one by altering the other. 

The exhibition features six artists namely; David Brits, Driaan Claassen, Nonzuzo Gxekwa, Abdus Salaam, Jake Michael Singer and Trevor Stuurman. Synaptic commenced on the 08th of December 2022 and it is scheduled to end on the 07th of January 2023. If you are in Cape Town drop by THK Gallery and assess the artistry on display.